Murakami’s new fiction is greater than the sum of its parts

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1Q84 is long – 925 pages is a serious commitment if you’re accustomed to 140-character soundbites.

1Q84 is crazy – It is about Aomame, an assassin who sets out to kill an enigmatic cult leader and Tengo, a math teacher who is rewriting a a novel by a girl who escapes the cult.  Aomame and Tengo fall into parallel universes and Ushikawa, a semi-tragic villain commissioned by the cult, tries  to stop them.

1Q84 – is more than a Japanese novel.  It touches on universal sentiments of fear and vengeance and enduring love.

1Q84 is not 1984 – Orwell’s “Big Brother” represents some dark, totalitarian force.  Murakami’s “Little People” are far more elusive. We can’t even tell whether they are good or evil, or whether they have any substance or not.

So what’s the best way to read 1Q84? Read more……


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